What if ‘what’s good for users’ isn’t always good for Google?

Salle New York - cycle anglais

Intervenant : Will Critchlow – Fondateur et PDG chez Distilled

While A/B testing for conversion rate impact is well established, SEO A/B testing is fairly new. In recent years, the Distilled team has run hundreds of SEO split-test experiments across dozens of sites. In the process, we have found CRO teams and SEO teams working independently to optimise different parts of the same funnel, which can mean missed opportunities, or worse, conflict. We have recently started running ‘full funnel’ tests, that allow us to run a single test measuring impact on search traffic and conversion rate. In this session, you will learn about SEO A/B testing, discover some interesting results from our tests, and hear about some early results from the new full funnel methodology.

Conference in english