Debate: the future of search engines

Salle Paris - cycle francophone

Round table moderated by Olivier Andrieu, independent SEO consultant and founder of Abondance. The guests of this round table gathering representatives of Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu engines will share with you their vision of the future of search engines.

Currently, many search marketers feel that they are experiencing a turning point, or even a real technological breakthrough in the world of information research. The rise of visual research, vocal, conversational research, assistants, intelligent loudspeakers, is revolutionizing an operation to which everyone had become accustomed over the past 20 years. And the GAFAMs all want to become “IA First”, i.e. to embed artificial intelligence in the design of all their products…

In which direction are we going? How can we adapt to this new situation?

Conference in French