Bastian Grimm

Bastian Grimm

Director Organic Search - Peak Ace AG

Bastian Grimm is the founder and managing partner of GRIMM DIGITAL. As an online marketing consultant specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), he and his company serve national and international clients from a wide variety of industries. Grimm Digital’s core activities are the design and implementation of SEO strategies, the establishment and expansion of SEO teams, training and workshops – for example for technology and marketing – as well as international link building and link risk management strategies.

Bastian also manages the activities of the BLUE FOUNTAIN GROUP, a specialized service provider for all topics related to the open source blogging platform “WordPress”. In addition to working in the field of customization (e. g. development of themes, plug-ins, etc.) and performance optimization, BLUE fountain is mainly active in the field of WordPress security consulting and audit.

As VP Search of the performance marketing agency ADS2PEOPLE, Bastian is also responsible for all SEO skills.

Bastian is also a frequent guest at various conferences and events at home and abroad, such as SMX, International Search Summit, IBC, OMCap, SEOkomm, ThinkVisibility and others, where he speaks on a variety of online marketing topics; technical SEO, information architecture and international link building are generally at the heart of his courses. Some impressions can be found here.

Before dedicating himself to his own companies, Bastian was responsible for the construction, expansion and training of various internal SEO teams. He worked for the Fox Mobile group (operator of brands such as Jamba and iLove) for two years. He was responsible for international SEO activities in more than 25 countries and more than 100 portals.

Bastian writes – if time permits – for, one of the most popular English-language research magazines, where he focuses on online marketing events.