Mikaël Priol

Mikaël Priol

Founder chez netlinking.fr

Mikaël Priol is the founder of the thematic link buying platform netlinking.fr. Publisher and owner of more than 3000 sites, he manages several companies specialized in natural referencing and netlinking.

Located in 3 countries (France, Tunisia and Madagascar), its teams produce and reference thousands of sites. He is a regular speaker, in France and abroad, on netlinking issues (SEO Camp Paris et provinces, Paris Retail Week, SEOByNight, Web2connect, Tuniseo, NDD Camp, etc.).


The semantic context: the future of netlinking

Salle Paris - cycle francophone

Speaker : Mikaël Priol – Founder at netlinking.fr. Netlinking is one of the two main positioning factors in SERPs. Some elements, such as the semantic context, are becoming increasingly important: it is often much more effective than the quantity or “power” of the links. During this conference, Mikaël Priol will reveal the elements taken into account […]